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CLIENT: Camden & Islington
Community Solutions
LOCATION: South Islington, London
AREA: 5000sqm (Health)+
3200sqm (Housing)
VALUE: £20 million (Estimate)

Fleet were invited onto a shortlist of 7 architectural practices for a feasibility proposal for a new health facility to be located within the South Islington ‘triangle’, bounded by Old Street, City Road and Goswell Road. We were awarded 2nd place behind the eventual winners AHMM.

We were asked to consider two potential sites with very different contextual issues. Both sites were to accommodate a 5000sqm Health Centre with options for additional beneficial accommodation options encouraged.

The Goswell Road site is currently a sunken car park approximately 2m below street level, serving a +20 storey tower block directly to the south. To the east is King Square, a mature community park which is well loved, however, access to the park is restricted to tight passages or imposing gateways below looming concrete blocks. In addition Islington Council’s Framework highlights the South Islington triangle as an area where taller development is encouraged, with Goswell Road specifically earmarked for high-rises.

Given the site footprint we ascertained that by using a flexible grid the health centre could be planned across 5 storeys, with access directly off Goswell Road into a dynamic atrium space. Vehicular access would be via a new access road connecting to the current car park access with Goswell Road, leading to 2no. storeys of undercroft parking.

The Health Centre is spaced away from the gable balconies of the tower. This was due to maintaining the privacy and natural light the tower currently enjoys, but also allows King Square to flow through to Goswell Road and vice versa, encouraging more people to use the amenity.

Taking into account planning policy we proposed a further 10 storeys of housing over the health centre with a discrete entrance off the new access road to a potential 64 flats. This addition to the proposal enables CHP to be a viable efficient power source due to the sinusoidal occupation of the two entities. Additionally, we have proposed 2no. open loop GSHP’s that tap into Clerkenwell Brook – a 200 year old mineral water quality source that would further reduce energy costs and provide extremely cheap water that could actually be bottled and sold. A steel and concrete plank structure allows for fast construction and a passive hybrid cooling system using Termadeck, that also enables a greater amount of fenestration and therefore natural light and views out.

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