Fleet Architects was founded by Jaime Bishop and Richard Henson, who have worked together since 2004.

Fleet formed to pursue high quality design in the public and social sectors, including healthcare, community and education. Increasingly we have been applying our methods successfully in other environments including retail, private houses and hospitality.We model and sketch to explore and explain our ideas, not just for presentations.  These working materials are not precious, the purpose is help us to work effectively with our Clients to craft a design response to meet the project needs.

Fleet Architects consists of a small, highly skilled and motivated workforce. We aim to be market leaders and inspirational thinkers who can shape the future’s public buildings and civic spaces.

We have considerable experience in tackling complicated and challenging design problems from site conditions to planning negotiations which can often stall projects in their early stages. This will often include addressing sensitive planning or listed building issues, working with complex client bodies that may consist of several government agencies and appraising awkward sites that can place a strain on the procurement process.

We have a proven track record of developing outstanding design with the desire to maintain quality throughout the delivery process.

We seek to elevate common materials and systems to the enchanting, and employ the seemingly everyday and banal in a challenging, imaginative manner.

Our proposals draw form from their location, using references such as material, scale or rhythm to inform and reinforce the permanence and relevance of our ideas.

Fleet design buildings to add a new layer to the palimpsest of the village, town, park or city, adeptly making use of historical reference to celebrate the identity of a location without resorting to pastiche.

Our buildings are designed to be used: lived in, worked in and healed in. They are for the present, the future and the past of a place and the people that engage in them, not merely the designer at the instance when the hoarding is demounted.

Professional and Commercial Status

Fleet are a RIBA Chartered Practice.

Fleet Architects are corporate members of Architects for Health.

We are registered as a limited company in England & Wales with reference number 06876274

We our registered for VAT with reference number 948968344


We are an accredited  Constructionline Supplier for Architectural and Health-Planning Services.


CAD System

Fleet are experienced users of AutoCAD and Microstation systems and offer Activity Database (ADB) and Building Information Management (BIM).

Fleet Architects