Northamptonshire Section 136 Review

The Civic Supermarket, Haringey

Feasibility – East Cornwall Place of Safety

Kent Hydrotherapy Pool

St Joseph’s Hospice Masterplanning, Hackney

Central Surgey, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire

Quayside Reception, Berrywood Hospital

Bodmin Community Hospital, Extra Care Area

Primary Care Centres within Tesco Superstore Sites – Sheffield Case Study

Market Square, Caistor Group Practice

Caskgate Street Surgery

The Greenwich Health Centre, The Heart of East Greenwich

Berrywood Seclusion Rooms Redevelopment

Caistor Health Centre

Allington and Riverhill Seclusion Works with Grosvenor Facilites Management

Teal Ward Refurbishment including Seclusion and Section 136 Suite, with Grosvenor Facilities Management

Caistor Group Practice, Bus Depot Site

Goswell Road Health Facility & Housing

New Childens Resource Centre, Gravesham Community Hospital

The Centre Manor Park

Fast Track Timber Health Centre

Childrens’ Primary Care Centre

Brierley Hill Health & Social Care Centre

St Luke’s Health Facility & Community Centre

Mile-End Health, Wellbeing & Social Care Centre, with Medical Architecture

Crawley Hospital Site Housing Redevelopment

Crawley Hospital Re-provision

Newham Centre for Mental Health Day Hospital

Arun Community Hospital

Omagh Enhanced Local Hospital & Mental Health Unit

Lanchester Road Hospital, Ward 3

St Michael’s Reprovision

The New Royal Adelaide Hospital with Medical Architecture

St Mary’s Wing, Luton & Dunstable Hospital

Runwell Low Secure & Forensic Mental Health Facility, with Steffian Bradley Architects

Walsall Manor Hospital

Fleet Architects