By far the strongest undergraduate studio…

By far the strongest undergraduate studio…

Posted by Benedict Spry

Student Shows 2015: London South Bank University
24 July, 2015 By Ellis Woodman

(Feature image:  Benjamin Ng, Transpontine Studio)

Extract from Ellis Woodman reviews LSBU’s end-of-year show:

“By far the strongest undergraduate studio is the Transpontine Laboratory led by Jaime Bishop and Richard Henson of Fleet Architects and Andrew Dawes of Zoda Architects. Following a trip to Seville where they studied the Calle Feria market, the students were assigned a site in Camberwell and tasked with developing designs for an integrated housing and market scheme. The projects of Yung Man Benjamin and Benedict Spry were particularly convincingly developed, while Thomas Walker’s planometric illustrations represented some of the most attractive drawings in the show.”

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