66b Illingworth

Client: Private

Location: Windsor

Area: 175 sqm

Value: £450,000

Procurement: Traditional

Overcoming an extremely contentious planning process Fleet have designed and built a new family home in Windsor for a private client.

The site was previously considered as ‘undevelopable’ due to constraints such as a mature oak tree dominating the land. Fleet worked with a root ball specific foundation and slab system to ensure the development sat comfortably adjacent to the tree without causing any harm.

Sited within a spacious, verdant 1970’s estate, the design seeks to subvert the prescribed brick box vernacular through mimicking the scale and proportion of neighbouring properties externally whilst carving more adventurous spaces internally.

Using technologies such as heat recovery and SIPs the new house achieves extremely high levels of heat retention and has a minimal carbon footprint for house of its size. Lifetime Homes Standards have also been incorporated into the design so the owners could easily adapt the home to suit their changing needs as they grow older.

Fleet Architects