Arun Community Hospital

Client: West Sussex NHS PCT

Location: Littlehampton, West Sussex

Area: 5,000 sqm

Value: N/A

Procurement: NHS (EXPRESS) LIFT

Working with Ashley House and Odyssey Healthcare, Fleet undertook a feasibility study of the re-provision of the Arun Health centre in conjunction with inpatient bedrooms. Studying schemes prepared previously the design team noted that the constraints of the site footprint, if decant was to be avoided, made it almost impossible to offer access to departments without first passing through an adjacent department. Applying the concepts developed at the Stanley Primary Care Centre, Brierley Hill Health and Social Care Centre and Braintree Hospital we proposed a site arrangement that allowed public access from the street and the car park to a common entrance area. The linear entrance area, which also serves as an event space, can offer direct access to primary care and inpatient areas.

The location proposed by the study allowed for the construction of the facility without the need for costly decant, assuming adjacent civic centre car-parking can be shared in the short-term. The Fleet proposals allow for 100% single bedrooms, which will maximise flexibility and guard against any compromises of patient privacy and dignity.



Fleet Architects