Dylan Bradshaw’s Blow Dry Bar, Dublin T2

Client: Dylan Bradshaw

Location: T2 Dublin Airport

Area: 40 sqm

Value: £160,000

Procurement: Traditional

Ireland’s hairdresser to the stars, Dylan Bradshaw, approached Fleet to design his new venture in the new Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport.

The concept combines pre-flight hair and nail treatments into a compact and partially open space. The design problem was to maximise the practical components without compromising the product display and potential for retail while simultaneously meeting the onerous technical requirements set by the Airport Authority’s design manual.

Our idea was to develop a multi function styling station, part Swiss- army knife, part Victorian public house. The Swiss- army knife concept enables each station to offer the possibility to seat 2 for hair styling or 1 for nails and or styling. The aspect borrowed from the Victorian public house is a bar- like arrangement where pivoting glazed screens, known as ‘snob screens’ compartmentalise berths at the bar. The blow dry bar’s screens are mirrored and also provide potential advertising space. By framing the mirrored screens, the concept also generates a high-level ‘bottle’ shelf for produce and lighting.

The bar is also the home of super brand ‘Kerastase’ who provide the treatments available to Dylan’s customers.

The contract programme for the project from design to fabrication was only 3 months.


Fleet Architects