The Greenwich Health Centre, The Heart of East Greenwich

Client: Hadley Mace/NHS Property Services

Location: Greenwich SE London

Area: 1,800 sqm

Value: £3 million

Procurement: Traditional

Fleet were orginally appointed to this project under the contract of the local BBG LIFTCo before being asked to novate to the NHS client body when the LIFTCo was asked to waive its right to develop the project. Since novation, Fleet have successfully steered the large primary care centre proposal through all the necessary approvals working closely with a multi-faceted client body including NHS PS and the local GPs.

The Greenwich Centre includes, in addition to the Health Centre, a swimming bath, health suite, Council one stop shop, library and education centre. Fleet worked with Shell and Core Architects Make after the successful appointment of the Hadley Mace Consortium.

Fleet Architects