Grove House

Client: Inquilab Housing Association

Location: SOUTHALL, UB1 2JL

Area: 350sqm

Value: £1.2m

Procurement: N/A

The scheme proposes the restoration of the listed building to its original 18th century condition by Inquilab Housing Association. To this end it further proposes the demolition of the later 19th century addition and the return of the building to its original use as a single family house.

The land to the rear of the main house is proposed to be developed with a small two – storey block providing two new residential units. The small area of land to the north west of the main house site is proposed to be developed with another small three storey block providing three new residential units. It is proposed that the usage of the site will therefore revert from its current use as office space to six units of affordable residential accommodation.

Fleet Architects