Mason & Company East / Capish?

Client: Mason and Company ltd

Location: HereEast - Olympic Park

Area: 250sqm

Value: £500,000

Procurement: Negotiated

The brief demanded an environment that would be as equally comfortable and welcoming on a cold winter evening as a balmy summer’s day when the Lee Navigation is busy with walkers, cyclists and boaters. The lighting concealed behind the banquette seating glows through the routing from the rear of the flush faced panels with differing depths resulting in a variety of shades, in diamond patterns. The quality of the birch infused light offers warmth which the designers hope will help to attract visitors to the bar as a refuge from the elements in the bleaker winter months.

The context – west facing with a view of the Lee Navigation – offers a strong bias to the space, naturally drawing people towards the greensward. The birch ply and softwood of the timber nest, set into the concrete shell, invited the pinks and golds of the setting sun to permeate the space, washing the walls and furniture with colour.

Fleet designed bespoke furniture for the space, using the same manufacturing system to create the fixed banquette seating as the tables, benches and stools which slotted together from routed birch ply. The consistency of material helps to keep the space clean and uncluttered.

Mason & Company was shortlisted for ‘Best London Bar’ category of the international Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

Extract from Wallpaper Magazine article (14.07.16):
‘In contrast to the self-conscious shabby chic and bawdy crowds of its rivals, however, newcomer Mason & Co’s sleek, minimal environs in Hackney Wick present an excellent addition to an area already blessed with after dark options.’

Fleet Architects