New Childens Resource Centre, Gravesham Community Hospital

Client: Gravesham NHS Community Hospital

Location: Kent

Area: 1800sqm

Value: £500,000

Procurement: FM Framework

Fleet were approached by the facility management Company Grosvenor FM to prepare redevelopment proposals for the top floor of the PFI procured community hospital in Kent. Jaime Bishop, of Fleet, was one of the architects originally involved in the design of the hospital and brought his knowledge and experience to the team.

Although PFI buildings were designed to accommodate a degree of flexibility for the future. Working in a live hospital is never straightforward and failure to co-ordinate the proposals accurately or manage expectations can quickly result in a spiralling budget. Fleet completed the project on time and met all of the client’s requirements. Since this project Fleet have been reengaged by the Trust and GFM to undertake a wide range of small refurbishment projects on this site and sister sites nearby.

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