The Porch, All Saints Church

Client: Dedworth PCC

Location: Dedworth, Windsor

Area: 150 sqm

Value: £250,000

Procurement: Traditional

Modern Churches such as All Saints provide a broad range of services, including both Christian and secular functions. At present the capacity and arrangement of the existing church restricts the ambition of the Reverend Louise Brown MBE to extend the community activities. Built in the 1960’s, All Saints has had a series of extensions that have left an awkward rear elevation, a site arrangement that does not address security issues, and has resulted in overt and oppressive defensive measures, totally at odds with the church’s ethos.

Paradoxically, the church front has a series of stained glass windows from the original church which were manufactured by the company of William Morris. These have remained free from vandalism. As such Reverend Louise has expressed the need for a building of high quality, which is also mindful of security needs, yet is inclusive to all sections of the community, including those groups most likely to vandalise.

Fleet have proposed a modest extension which rationalises the disparate rear elevations and re-organises this vibrant and successful community building. The extension houses three flexible rooms for use by community groups ranging from alcoholics anonymous to the local brownies troop, and also frees up existing areas of the church, thus supporting new and existing programs. The additional areas will provide discrete places for counselling and a secure ‘cloistered’ courtyard for play and outdoor activities.


Fleet Architects