Quayside Reception, Berrywood Hospital

Client: Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Location: Northampton

Area: 250 sqm

Value: £100,000

Procurement: Traditional

Fleet have overseen the refurbishment of a disused mental health ward to provide specialist outpatient clinic for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

A distinct identity from the host building was required including a new entrance, reception and branding. The ward entrance is sited remotely from the visitors carpark – a new freestanding canopy acts as a ‘sign-post’ to announce the ward entrance.

The reception area replaces an existing store room and creates a small wait area. The reception desk curves into bench seating with timber slats creating a wall finish and screen to the reception desk.

The nature of the therapy involves potentially lengthy sessions within treatment rooms. This necessitates a calming atmosphere, even to encourage sleep. A timber clad wall recalls the finishes of the reception area and deinstitutionalises the clinical environment.

Fleet Architects