Runwell Low Secure & Forensic Mental Health Facility, with Steffian Bradley Architects

Client: Grosvenor House Group

Location: Wickford, Essex

Area: 8,000sqm

Value: £25 Million

Procurement: NHS PFI

The Runwell Low Secure and Forensic Mental Health Facility embraces a modern therapeutic approach to Mental Health treatment.  The new facility was completed in 2009 and will accommodate 96 patients ranging from acute forensic, (referred through the legal system) through to rehabilitation. The principal challenge in the design of the facility was to create an equilibrium between security and comfort, respecting patient privacy and dignity, whilst maintaining adequate supervision. The safe and relaxing patient living areas are designed as independent wards, housing 15 ensuite bedrooms in addition to communal and therapy areas with access to outside space.

The facility is set within the landscape of rural Essex with three gardens per ward. There’s also an additional central communal courtyard and ‘wander loop’ around the building for patients with ground leave. The centre of the complex will have a communal caf, a multi faith room, shop, gym and music room (with mixing studio), where patients can meet and receive a programmed series of therapeutic activities helping them on their way back to independent living and good health.

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